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tv   WESH 2 News at 6pm  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you can see the popping lot -- parking lot. just beyond that van is the where this happened. let' chopper 2. there were apparently students, too young people whose bikes wound up under a pickup truck on courtenay parkway. according to the highway patrol, one of the pedal long bone fracture, broken leg. the other one we are not sure what the injuries were. this happened right around 4:00 this afternoon, roughly the time school was getting out. the xina channing taylor of the florida highway patrol told us what happened. >> a vehicle which was coming out of the school was traveling west on grove, made a left turn on courtenay, struck the juveniles in the crosswalk.
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their bicycles were trapped underneath the truck. dan: so as you can hear, lieutenant taylor said the vehicle that struck the two was coming out of the place for the school parking lot is. we have not been able to confirm whether the driver of that truck with the student or was perhaps a customer of a bank that is also right here. there working to get that information. we should be able to come up with that fairly soon. as far as the conditions of the two injured, we know they were, alerts, and that is the -- they were trauma alerts, and that is the information that we have. meredith: tonight orange county investigators say these two men posted pictures of themselves sexually assaulting a 21-year-old college student. jim: the suspects are accused of picking her up outside a bar across the street from ucf. and deputies say one of them even answered the victim' s phone. meredith: wesh 2' s bob kealing has been investigating this case all day.
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say 23-year-old eric guzman and an accomplice, 23-year-old sean noel, sexually assaulted a woman whose 21st birthday had turned from an evening of fun to a nightmare. >> you' re charged with sexual battery on the physically helpless. bob: it was december 18, gone to the knight' s pub across from the ucf campus to celebrate . after a night of drinking, she became separated from friends. a stranger who answered her phone said he' d take care of her. the woman told investigators she blacked out at the bar, and the next thing she knew, two men were having sex with her in a motel. according to the men' s arrest papers the victim' s friends were , able to use a gps app on their phone to trace her to a motel with a found her and the two suspects attacking her got away. but witnesses saw their car and a partial tag number. that eventually lead investigators to this east orange county home where the men were arrested last night.
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aged daughter himself, lives just across the street. >> that' s sick, just sick. bob: noel posted $10,000 bond today and was released. a woman at his home said he was not there. is there anything you want us to know? the judge revoked guzman' s bond from a previous case and increased it on this new one. brewer: i' m gonna increase the bond from $10,000 to $100,000. summer: bob: bob kealing, wesh 2 news. meredith: an accident while working on a powerline cost one local man his life. orange county deputies say he was shocked and then fell about 40 feet out of his bucket lift. it happened off of goldenrod road earlier today. the man had a weak pulse and was rushed to the hospital where he later died. we' re told he was working on an electrical wire. jim: one of two men accused of beating and stomping a man to death in daytona beach will not go on trial for that murder. 23-year-old jeremy maruska was facing a first degree murder charge, but in an agreement worked out today, he pleaded guilty to second degree murder
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against his co-defendant. prosecutors say maruska and shawn rupe beat dylan tharp to death, then left him naked on the rooftop of the peabody auditorium in november of 2012. >> the state expects you to testify truthfully about the homicide. jim: maruska will not be sentenced until after the trial of co-defendant rupe which is now set for may. meredith: a dramatic rescue overnight in flagler county after a woman lost control of her car and overturned in a water filled canal. she was alone there for 45 minutes. >> please come, i' m upside down. >> ok, i' m going to send you some help, is it just you? >> i' m by myself. meredith: deputy aaron beausoleil arrived on county road 80 near bunnell just before 2:00 a.m. and rescued the trapped woman. he broke out a passenger side window with his baton. the victim told investigators she landed in the ditch after swerving to avoid a deer. she suffered a few bruises but
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late breaking news in osceola county david damus has been , sentenced to life, without the possibility of parole. he was convicted for his part in the 2013 killing of eric roopnarine. police say he and three other people broke into roopnarine' s home where they shot and stabbed him. jim: democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders draws hundreds of people to a park into semi-today for a rally. he has not spent much time in florida but is now focusing on the sunshine state days before the primary. before today' s rally, sanders but -- sat in with wesh 2 news to talk about issues, including student debt at an all-time high. bernie sanders: we will impose a tax on wall street speculation. we will bring in more than enough revenue to do this. we can make public university tuition free. we can substantially reduce student debt. jim: sanders has been trailing
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, but he has a surprise win in michigan and hopes to do the same here. during a speech today in tampa, the former secretary of state continued to hammer home her plans to break down barriers and create jobs. hillary clinton: despite my differences with my opponent, i am proud of the campaign we' ve run, because we have focused on issues. [applause] i' m running a campaign based on what results i can produce for you. the other side is running a campaign based on insults. it is doing a grave disservice to our country. everyone to get out and vote. presidential candidates are also in the sunshine state battling for your votes. tonight they take center stage before tuesday' wesh 2' s brett connolly is there live with a look at what we may see tonight. brett? brett: hey meredith. the 12th republican debate this
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keep in mind. 300 57 delegates up for grabs on tuesday in four states, including here in florida. tonight is the last opportunity in a debate format on a national stage for each of these candidates to impress the voters. which a you a look at the current delegate count. donald trump is in the lead, senator ted cruz in second. also began his first senate endorsement today. the winner take all 99 delegates on tuesday. ted cruz believes it is a simple math problem. marco rubio believes the road to nomination goes through florida. marco rubio: i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. ted cruz: there are two candidates with a plausible path to 1237, that is donald trump and me. he has 80 more than i do. everyone else is way, way below
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donald trump: if we win in florida -- brett: the polls have donald trump in the lead, but with each of these nights, it helps sway voters. jeb bush met with marco rubio. he was scheduled to meet with ohio governor john kasich and senator ted cruz earlier today, but it is unclear if any endorsement is going to be made. we will have a full wrap up tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. live in miami, brett connolly, wesh 2 news. meredith: again the debate starts at 8:00 and brett will have live coverage on wesh 2 the news hour at 10 and wesh 2 news at 11:00. and you can get the latest updates on commitment 2016 on the free wesh 2 mobile app. jim: a suspicious new fire flares up and threatens homes in palm bay today, just a block or so from a wildfire that damaged four homes yesterday. when the flames started roaring through the dry brush on quentin street, firefighters were quick to stand guard near homes, running hoses into backyards, battling choking smoke and dust, and bringing in bulldozers for
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anxious residents got out their own hoses. s scary. i was right across the street. hundred yards or less. jim: the new fire is upwind of yesterday' s, unlikely to have been caused by a windblown spark, and therefore suspicious. it burned up about five acres, and is contained, but may in central florida, the well threat is high. -- wildfire threat is high. tony: it is getting higher and dry. look at the mop up behind us. seminole in brevard county is where fire danger is highest. the active fires have grown to 12 new ones in osceola county. we are watching one soaks through here south of kenansville and another south of that is where your selling smoke tonight.
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is 10 to 20 miles per hour with gusts as high as 25. there is one bit of good news, there will be a notch lower in the wind speed tomorrow, and there is rain on the way. i will time that out in just a couple of minutes. meredith: tonight a local woman is hoping to persuade governor rick scott to sign a bill that would help families of first responders who die on the job. orange county deputy scott pine was killed in the line of duty two years ago. his wife bridget and his three children received almost nothing when he died, because pine was enrolled in the state' s 401-k plan. this week lawmakers passed a bill that would allow families to opt into the state pension after a death. in bridget' s case, that would mean she would get scott' s full benefits. bridget pine: for me it' s about helping those families that give up everything so that you can be safe. and feel safe in your environment. meredith: a spokeswoman for governor rick scott says he is reviewing the bill.
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would take effect in july. jim: two people are under arrest accused of leaving a special , needs student alone on a school bus two different times. cameras onboard the bus were rolling during both incidents after all the other children were dropped off at our children' s academy in lake wales. both times, the 13-year-old had fallen a sleep and went un-noticed. so he figured out a way off the bus then hitch-hiked and walked approximately 30 miles to his home in davenport. the bus driver, 51-year-old gale brown, along with the bus attendant, 57-year-old gwendolyn simmons, are both charged with two counts of negligent child abuse. meredith: it is apparent worst nightmare, a van videotaping under the skirts of little girls. jim: how detectives found a man they say was doing just that, and what he had to say to police. meredith: and an emotional homecoming for troops who were it' t want to
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best day ever for 130 families across central florida. meredith: matt lupoli' s live with a special homecoming nine months in the making. matt: in just about an hour ago, two flights brought the troops here to daytona beach international airport for one big special reunion. archie askie: it' s the best feeling in the world right now. it is great, it is awesome couldn' t wait for this day. ,it has been a long year, but i so glad to be home with my am family. matt: about 130 national guard soldiers made it home to their families, a special welcome, and a big thank you met the 1-265th, after a nine-month deployment in afghanistan. they and their families were overjoyed. >> this is the greatest day in my whole life. i just wanna give god thanks for bringing my baby back. matt: for specialist stacey entwistler, the reunion with his wife was also his first time meeting his daughter, savannah.
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like i was going to pass out before i got off the plane because i knew i was comng to , see this two girls and it' s surreal. just feeling like a family again. i can' t wait. matt: they also tell us they are thankful everyone deployed made it back safe, no casualties, no injuries. jim: that is the most important thing. a man accused of video voyeurism in a local publix bonded out of jail just moments ago. scott irwin had nothing to say to reporters as he walked out of the orange county jail. irwin is accused of using his cell phone to shoot images up the skirts of young girls in the baldwin park publix on two occasions. this is surveillance video of irwin in the publix on february 24. a witness claims irwin put his phone on top of a box of crackers in his shopping basket then lowered the basket next to the girls. >> can you give us any
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this? >> think of those parents. jim: police say some of the girls were as young as six and seven. the video voyeurism charge is a felony. seminole county detectives have busted an alleged flasher, 21-year-old cook is saying he exposed himself in a public supermarket in front of 15-year-old reagan well she was shopping february 25 with her mother. this was inside the publix at the corner of 434 in wekiva springs road. the teen says he exposed himself and began talking to her. they called 911. her stepfather told wesh 2 news it she is still very upset. >> lucky i wasn' t here, or the police would have been coming for me at the house instead of coming to question her about what happened. jim: cook is inspected to bond out of jail. he is set for arraignment on the charge in april.
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under fire for not what he said. he believes all muslims hate america. the question on sm nbc was in hates america. he would not say whether he feels america -- muslims living in america, and that is upsetting local muslim leaders. >> can you answer the question, or should be skewed? i am glad everybody is in florida. the debate is going to be fun tonight. >> we wanted him to come out strongly and say, muslims are part of florida. let him come and meet us and see how much we love florida and how much we love the united states of america. meredith: the governor is expected to make a statement clarifying his remarks before the gop debate in miami. jim: hottest day of the year across most of central florida.
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tony: there is some sort of wind. tomorrow will not be as windy. at the four corners, sunsetting. with the get the numbers out there right now. have any nine degrees, southeast winds at 13. were mistaken orlando, ocala by a few degrees. we are at that number or a little higher tomorrow, not by much. the eastern third of the united states, washington dc is 72. terry lawson' s a couple of weeks away from blooming. -- cherry blossoms a couple of weeks away from blooming. we have a pressure are working eastward. on sunday and monday, that much-needed rain it could finally be working into central florida. it is a big strong dome of high-pressure, very stubborn. it is bringing the long period
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but are going to remain dangerous over the course of the next couple of days. swim near the lifeguards. we are talking about what her temperatures 66 to 69. -- water temperatures 66 to 69. three to 56 -- six foot waves. s as we look at the central florida fair, tonight those of you head over, 79, 73. overnight low in ocala , 62. a little bit of fog it, but no big deal. here is friday and saturday. high-pressure lifting to the north and east as low pressure begins to work in saturday and sunday. that will bring us were
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get to late sunday and monday. another warm one tomorrow, middle and upper 80' s inland, low 80' s on the immediate coastline. by creek tomorrow, 62, -- bike week 82. spring training, we have got it, the braves and the phillies in town. first pitch at 84 degrees. one last look at the weekend set up. isolated shower on saturday, maine rain arriving on sunday. that means the track check forecast looks good. it is nice and comfortable, close to 68 degrees. and the orlando city soccer forecast also looking good. looking at the updated seven-day forecast. we are holding in the 80' s. meredith: march madness in full swing in orlando.
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multi-game road trip to they will be without and also give
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to if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. stewart: ucf is looking at what pretty much amounts to a home
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effort land a spot in the big dance. taking the aac tournament is the knights' only shot at landing a spot in the ncaa tournament. ucf comes in with the seventh seed in the conference. playing against tulane at the amway center right now. knights beat the green wave twice this season. with a win, they would take on houston tomorrow night at 7:00. florida pulled-out a first round win in the sec tournament today. kasey hill scored 18 points, including a clutch layup with 53 seconds left that helped the gators outlast arkansas 68-61. they now get top-seeded texas a&m tomorrow in the quarter-final round. orlando city lions back in action tomorrow after an exhilarating comeback in first game of the season. fans are still pumped over the 2-2 tie with real salt lake on sunday. orlando scoring both goals in stoppage time. tomorrow night they' re home again, taking on the chicago fire. kickoff is set for 7:00. the fire lost its first match sunday against new york city f.c. two big names will not play in tomorrow night'
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game. magic center nikola vucevic will sit with an injury. it is not all bad news. his counterpart on the kings, all-star center demarcus cousins will also ride the pine. ,he has been suspended after screaming at his coach george karl during a timeout last night. back in november, cousins dominated when the kings beat the magic 97-91. the game tomorrow is in sacramento.
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meredith: a woman is finally getting to dance her way out of the hospital, after severe lung disease made it almost impossible for her to breathe. jim: she got a new pair of lungs and is whipping and "nae-nae-ing" her way out of there. 60-year-old debra morgan received the lung transplant at florida hospital. she made it a goal to dance and shake before she finally returned home. if you are going to go home, go home in style. new tonight, all eyes on florida as the candidates take the stage once again. meredith: wesh two is in miami for the presidential debate. what they have to say ahead of the primaries. >> he still had the gun, and i managed to turn it on him and
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-- jim: a new twist and why one of those women was arrested. meredith: cw-18 and on wesh 2 news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water rescues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant


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